SAN MARTIN: Knight of the Andes by Ricardo Rojas

SAN MARTIN: Knight of the Andes

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This was scheduled for Fall publication, and reported as follows:- An exhaustive biography of the South American patriot, whose efforts brought emancipation to Chile, Argentina, Peru. Born in Argentina, trained in the Spanish Army and fighting for Spain against other powers, Martin returned to fight against the motherland. He trained his troops with military as well as moral discipline; he formed the Army of the Andex, and this war machine accomplished its aim before Bolinvar became a national figure. San Martin ceded his work to Bolinvar, lived in France with his daughter until his death....This is a minute examination of the records, interpreted when necessary, that refutes old scandals, investigates battles and strategy as well as psychological factors that made San Martin the Liberator of the South in the early 19th century. An auster, idealistic, distant personality, nonetheless a patriot of outstanding merit. Competent.

Publisher: Doubleday, Doran