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This really belongs under a heading all its own, for it does not fall under a routine classification of MUST BOOKS. It is not a book for a quick immediate best seller list. Rather is a book for all times, a book that, eventually, should, like James' Varieties of Religious Experience, be a touchstone to the man of culture. One volume source book of the ethical teachings of eight great living religions, comprising the religious heritage of the earth. Hindu, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, Taoist, Confucianist, Jewish Christian, Mohammedan, all will find here the literary and religious masterpieces drawn from the texts of their own religious books. The appeal will be intellectual, emotional, aesthetic; it will give the thoughtful student an opportunity to study the comparative stories and interpretations. The best translations available have been chosen, and source notes give leads to original material. Cross indexing will make this an essential book for scholars; glossaries, editorial notes, bibliography give it added value. But the primary purpose is for the general reader to have access to the world's great religious literature, at a period in world history when nations need mutual understanding and when racial barriers should be levelled. Co-editors with Mr. Ballou are Dr. Friedrich Spiegelberg of Columbia University, specialist in the field of comparative religions, and Dr. Horace L. Friess, also of Columbia University, associate editor of Review of Religion. Booksellers -- make a careful study of your mailing lists, and send, with a personal endorsement, one of the circulars available through the publishers, to local clergy, people prominent in intellectual circles, and so on.

Pub Date: Oct. 27th, 1939
Publisher: Viking