INSTANT DOG by Richard A. & Roy Doty Wolters


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This mild spoof on dog training books (a field to which Mr. Wolters has been a frequent contributor) is subtitled: ""The Quick and Easy Way to Produce a Family Dog."" The authors' hard-tried-for humor unfortunately obscures some good advice, and the un-dogged might not be able to separate pith from piffle. But the piffle can be diverting. Take the case of poor Daddy who allowed the kids to name the family dog ""Lovely Lady"" and was forced to shout the name to the neighboring alleys. Then there's the ""instant"" dog supper of asparagus and pheasant (sounds rather good) and a very wet dog training session to discipline a car-chaser. There are, nonetheless, wise words on familiar problems--puppy gestalt, training and rapport. But is Mr. Wolper really serious about stepping on a dog's tail for ""Sit!"" and does he really favor parked-car isolation for barking discipline? Mebbe. Choose your own animad-version. Light yet's-office kibbles.

Pub Date: Nov. 7th, 1968
Publisher: Dutton