BEAU by Richard A. Wolters


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Mr. Wolters, who has published a number of books on dog training, reminisces here about his inspiration-- Beau, his first hunting dog, a peerless pointer. It all began when the author, strictly an indoorsman to begin with, became an editor of Sports Illustrated. But there are lots of jests before he gets to Beau--for example the time when at an outdoorsman convention at the Waldorf a friend won a canoe, and they set sail through the streets of Manhattan. However, after his desire to hunt with a dog developed, he purchased a pup, Beau, and used his own hunch-and-try-training program which turned out to be innovational and successful. There are trips and tips and of course the love of dog and the hunt. It may be unsporting to point out that some of the sentiment is a little soft, but there's a definite audience that won't mind.

Publisher: Dutton