TURNAROUND JACK by Richard Abshire


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The second outing for Dallas p.i. Jack Kyle (Dallas Drop, 1989), who, here, is hired by millionaire Guy Borodin to find his wife Sylvia, who may be fooling around with his former partner (while Borodin himself fools around with his lusty, busty ""niece"" Sasha). Using free-lance p.i. help, a well-stocked van, infrared cameras, etc., Jack snaps the attractive Sylvia with two men, enraging Borodin--well, of course: Sylvia was cavorting with Customs Agents hot on the trail of his ""little import-export business,"" which mainly specialized in supplying super-secret computer chips--DRAMs--to hostile countries. Bodies fly, including that of the chip inventor's wife; and the agents are compromised, including Sylvia, who was part of a Borodin-sting mounted by Customs. More bodies. A few punches. Lots of lies. Then, finally, Borodin and Mr. Chips receive their nasty comeuppance, while Jack tries to cheer up Sylvia in a bar. Nonstop people-bashing, double-dealing, and secret-swapping, by both the feds and the goons. A mite contrived, but keeps you too breathless to care.

Pub Date: Sept. 27th, 1990
Publisher: Morrow