REJECTED GUEST by Richard Aldington


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I continue to be disappointed in Mr. Aldington. High hopes inherited from The Colonel's Daughter and All Men Arc Enemies have been lowered with each recent novel. This, to be honest, is far in advance of the other intervening novels, but still ranks below the early ones. He has achieved a certain polished brittleness and urbanity, and lost depth and fineness in the process. The story deals with the checkered youth of a ""war baby"", fatherless and deserted by his mother, cheated of his birthright and condemned to a footless sort of education by snobbery. Finally, he gets his chance to be a scientist and fails; then to be the bastard grandson of a nobleman, exiled as a price for luxury, and that falls through too. Lastly, a start when a typical rich loiterer meets him. Aldington seems to have shot his bolt, and this is very uneven.

Pub Date: Sept. 25th, 1939
ISBN: 0548065942
Publisher: Viking