OUR PRESIDENTS by Richard Armour


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It's really sad that we don't thrill more/To hear the name of Millard Fillmore."" How True! ""Yet such is the way/of our fickle folk/that few remember/James K. Polk."" How Sad! It may prove to be the laugh riot of the sixth grade, but adults can be excused for wincing. The frolicsome doggerel of Armour is combined with a sort of gallows humor approach from Leonard Everett Fisher's illustrations. Fed to the teeth on Presidents, the middle grades may well find this irreverence amusing. However, too many of the rhymes and too many of the illustrations are guilty of an unfunny tastelessness--e.g. Andrew Johnson peeking at Lincoln's huge, empty shoes; the much maligned Millard Fillmore hauling a huge hose; two Grants in two coffins smoking two cigars; and all with too many examples to include here of Armour engaged in an elephantine elfishness.

Pub Date: March 4th, 1964
Publisher: Norton