BILLY LIGHTFOOT by Richard B. Erno


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Hot dog! as Billy would say. (""Fifteen years gone now. Born then."") Plenty nice boy. Plenty false Navaho talk. Reservation vs. the white man's world of New Yawk and Washindon, cars and movies, basketball games, verbs and adverbs--all ""Hozo. Beautiful."" So, defying Grandfather, Billy sneaks away and registers at the Indian school in the capital. In art class the conflict arises: new ways or old? is it folly to paint old things, why not modern things? But the successful team-forward who washes windows to buy new pants soon wends his way back to Navaho territory where he'll picture what he feels and what he knows. Heap big put-on.

Pub Date: Oct. 30th, 1969
Publisher: Crown