JOGGING AND RUNNING by Richard B. Lyttle


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Unlike Olney's The Young Runner (p. 130, J-40), which otherwise covers much the same ground but a little more extensively, this includes a few pages on research into the advisability of running as an activity for children and early adolescents. However, as Lyttle notes, the answers are not all in, and he doesn't seem to have applied any of the specific findings to his other advice chapters--though he is properly cautious overall. Referring frequently to the writings of Dr. (Aerobics) Cooper, Lyttle recommends a ""hard-easy,"" walking-jogging combination for beginners, insists on warming up and down and on stretching exercises, warns against pushing too hard, and emphasizes fitness running rather than competition. Additional.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1979
Publisher: Watts