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A GIFT OF WINGS by Richard Bach



Pub Date: Aug. 28th, 1974
ISBN: 0440204321
Publisher: Delacorte

Laundry lists from the barnstorming gypsy pilot who made the sea gull a mail-order cliche. From fifteen-years worth of cardboard boxes, Richard Bach has gathered 46 shaggy anecdotes infused with his loftiest ""godly-type thoughts"" on the personal paradise of one's own little biplane -- and convention and security be damned. ""It is a lot like a religion, flying."" It can save teen-agers from the perils of hippiedom, grownups from the hell of working for a soap factory or a wringer washer company. It is a crucial test for wives. It is a painful bittersweet lovely thing, the magnificent beautiful gift that only a pilot can share with the world. It is home. It is the highest art form. The practice of what it is to be alive. . .freedom. . . perspective. . .truth, etc., etc., ad infinitum ad nauseam.