SKOOKUM AND SANDY by Richard Bennett
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I am bracketing these four titles because they are keyed to the same market, the same age -- children who still want plenty of pictures, but who are beginning to pick words out in their primers. These are really glorified primers, with content to hold the six year old's interest, and each having a four-color jacket, 16 pages in four color and sixteen pages in black and white, by the authors. Beachcomber Bobbie (November 8) is ideal for the small boy who spent the summer at the seashore, for it tells about a month that Bobbie spent, collecting all the things little boys like to find on the beach. The form of the text is like free verse, and there is a certain beat to the lines, which children will like read aloud. Ted and Nina Go To The Grocery Store (November 8) tells of the adventures four and six year old children have in going down the street on an errand for their mother. Mitty and Mr. Syrup (October 4) is a story about a little girl who would leave her favorite doll in places where she shouldn't -- and of what happens...Skookum and Sandy (October 18) is a story of a goat with a big appetite. Interesting makeup and lots of pictures.

Publisher: Doubleday, Doran