7(apple) CENTS by Richard Bissell

7(apple) CENTS

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A bit of a free for all in the Sleep Tite Pajama plant (the Pajama for Men of Bedroom Distinction) in Junction City, Iowa, as a slowdown for a promised 7(apple) cent increase threatens necessary production. Man in the middle is Sid Sorkin, up the hard, tough way, from the steel town of Gary, with time out for Chicago, who, as the new superintendent, is tossed to management by labor, and vice versa. The Garment Workers Union's problems are all mixed up in his affair with outspoken, bedworthy Catherine Williams, prime promoter of the insubordination, and his sudden drunken association with Celeste Watson, nymphomaniac daughter of the rich Watson Pump Works; his feeling for top management is soured by adamant Mr. Hasler, who refuses to listen to the Union arbiter; his independence is limited by the close watchfulness and gossip of the small town. It is no hesitation waltz as the accustomed excitement of a plant going wide open changes to be tension of the slowdown's bitterness and as the formal steps of adjustment of demands take place. And it is Mr. Big himself; the owner of Sleep Tite, who writes a finish to the impasse while Sorkin heads for new pastures -- with Catherine. A lot of bounce to the ounce for labor-management tussles makes this a graphic and often funny industrial accounting.

Pub Date: May 21st, 1953
Publisher: Little, Brown-AMP