HEAVENLY HELL by Richard Brinsley Sheridan


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A 21- year old follows the grain route, on a Swedish four masted barque bound for Australia, and home via the Cape of Good Hope. Not much story -- but a very vigorous picture of the fellow sailors, -- mostly Swedes, with a couple of Australians, and a dage picked up in Adelaide. The Trade Winds -- the Doldrums -- crossing the equator -- sighting land -- days of loading grain -- shore leave -- squalls -- storms -- days of becalmed seas -- too much close companionship -- rows -- a day by day account, in amusingly broken English-Swedish -- and always the growing love of the ship. Don't sell on the youth of the author -- the book stands on its own merits. A bit on the raw in the language -- so don't sell to your conservatives. But most people who like sea yarns will like it.

Publisher: Putnam-Minton, Balch