MONEY IS LOVE by Richard Condon


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This time that manic fantast and entertaining entrepreneur of the next-to-impossible is either over his head or out of it altogether. It would be hard to say what this almost unintelligible novel is all about even if you could follow it with a degree of involvement: a league of Judaeo-Christian seraphs about to hold a convention in Liederkranz Hall, versus the entire pantheon of Greek gods who circulate between the two worlds--particularly Zeus or Joe V. Zeuss; a Million Dollar Round Table insurance man, Quebaro, happily married to the ash blonde Carlotta who makes color television sets and calculators in the basement--until he is killed and ""over there"" remarried to the equally alluring Doris who's a clairvoyant bookmaker; a whole new economy based on the New York Hate Exchange which has vast consignments of Wedgwood and Spore and signed Michelangelos to unload; a Mafia clan called Violente and assorted others like Charlotte Pimbernel. Extravagance a la mode, and more than you can glom even on an unlimited expense account which assumes that time doesn't mean money.

Pub Date: May 29th, 1975
Publisher: Dial