RED FOR TERROR by Richard Crighton


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Terrorism suspense, active but unimaginative and stereotyped. A six-man cell of Italy's Red Brigade has been ordered to assassinate Minister of Justice Valerio Conforto--but things soon go awry. One cell member is lost; Anna Cuozo is sent in to take over; and though Conforto is killed (along with his chauffeur and little daughter), the terrorists wind up trapped within a Verona roadblock. So Anna commandeers a tourist bus, deciding to hold its five tourists--English fashion buyer Jill Bingham and her father, US journalist Jay Merrick, rich Americans Stan and Nora Potter--for ransom. Leading the police effort to locate the terrorists' hideout is cop Rocco Franzoni, anti-terrorist specialist; Anna makes a lesbian play for Jill between hideouts; Jill escapes, is interviewed (and loved) by Rocco; an undercover cop is murdered; Anna kills one of the captives. And finally Rocco's team spots Anna, bugs her car, and follows her to the home of her commander (who turns out to be Jill's uncle Pietro!). . . while police helicopters locate the landcruiser used to transport the captives and a rescue is effected. Good info on Red Brigade operating procedures; otherwise--just competent.

Pub Date: July 1st, 1982
Publisher: Dodd, Mead