WORKING AND LIKING IT by Richard; Diane Blumenson & Peter Arnold Germann


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Some good sense and concrete tips on getting job satisfaction--not totally geared to moving up, not grimly focused on staying employed. Germann et al. do want you to ""make sure the job you have is one you believe is worth doing""; they do want to ""open your mind to new, nontraditional ways of thinking about your job environment and your power to influence it and change it."" They counsel realistic goals--and give realistic examples: moving over, trading off unwanted duties. To suit your goals to your situation, they suggest self-assessment and company-assessment exercises. A major Internal Campaign strategy is building a Contact/Information Network--accentuating the positive, shunning the negative. And that's the tenor of the guidance throughout. The six basic gain-control-of-your-environment steps include quality work (#1) and job-compatible appearance (#4). Fostering constructive relations entails avoiding negative emotional reactions--and, strategically, a combination of written and spoken communications: ""This is just a reminder that I'll be out of the office tomorrow afternoon, as we discussed. If you need anything, Scott will be handling office affairs and can reach me for emergencies."" In the large, readers are advised not to assume prejudice--or rush to legal redress. They're also counseled to reconcile home life and work life. None of this is head-turning: Germann is with Bernard Haldane Associates, Blumenson has been with the firm too, Arnold has previously collaborated with Germann. But, in conjunction with today's people,and-performance-oriented management, it's practical and palatable.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1984
Publisher: Ballantine