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THE LONGEST COCKTAIL PARTY: A Personal History of Apple by Richard Dilello

THE LONGEST COCKTAIL PARTY: A Personal History of Apple


Pub Date: Nov. 15th, 1972
Publisher: Playboy Press

Once upon a time in the land of Yellow Submarines and Magical Mystery Tours there was a company called Apple. The Beatles launched it and for three short years it was the chaotic mecca of World Pop. Dilello back in those halcyon days was attached to Apple in the all-important position of House Hippie, which turned out to be a good vantage point to watch the Beatlemaniacs go through their dance. ""Every singer, songwriter, fast-buck artist, apache and second-stow man in town"" descended on Apple which was known as a soft touch. Besides the legitimate talent whose careers the company nurtured, there came Deranged Filthy Faun Raincoat, Ken Kesey and some Hell's Angels en route to ""straighten out Czechoslovakia,"" assorted weirdos from the California Pleasure Crew and a man who identified himself as Adolf Hitler. The liquor bill ran to 600 quid a month, hundreds of pounds of free records were handed out for the asking and the phone bill came to thousands. Occasionally John and Yoko and Paul and Ringo and George dropped by just to see how everyone was getting on. While it lasted it was one hell of a party and the House Hippie will show you around if you didn't manage to attend. In his souped-up, spaced-out fashion he's a nice kid joyfully intoxicated by all that merry madness. Like him you'll be a little sad when it starts to come apart at the core.