IF ISRAEL, LOST THE WAR by Richard; Edward Klein & Robert Littell Chesnoff


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A facile, speculative construction of the events which might have followed a quick Arab victory over Israel's army and air force in June 1967. Potential readers who would welcome the intellectual exercise will be turned off by the pseudo-precision of detail (""Nasser sat back in his black leather upholstered swivel chair and stretched"") and yellow-journalistic anecdotes in the service of pro-Israeli sentiments (the ""shapely sabra"" raped by six grinning Arab soldiers). Once victory is assured, the consequences multiply: due to US failure to intervene, Sirhan returns to Palestine, Abe Fortas resigns, American Jews reject a strike plan. Johnson escalates the Vietnam war, resigns, Chinese troops arrive, Brezhnev joins the Soviet hawk faction. Meanwhile Teddy Kollek has been killed, Hussein worries about lost US aid, and Nasser summons ex-Nazis to help administer the occupation which involves economic depression as well as detention camps. At the end, Allon in disguise is plotting a national liberation movement. The debatable contingencies of this plot-add to its fascination-it is fascinating, despite the parti pris tone and sleazy writing. But on balance, what might have been a fruitful heuristic device is wrecked by the Uristic style.

Pub Date: Feb. 19th, 1969
Publisher: Coward-McCann