EMOTIONAL INTIMACY by Richard G. & Gaynell Doehne Benton


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Yet another highly programmed approach to intimacy--by classifying our intimacy ""styles"" and applying the appropriate jargon. The most basic styles: beginnings, durings, and endings, wherein one is preoccupied with acquiring, enjoying, or fretting about the object of intimacy. Then we have the more specific offshoots: an ""endings"" freak, for example, might wind up an ""uptight self-starter"" who ""gets trapped in the valley created by his low emphasis on states and enjoyment, combined with his preoccupation with procedures and holding on to what he's got."" And let us not forget ""reactional"" styles: you can torpedo intimacy by blaming others inappropriately, erecting barriers, etc. Charts and case examples from Benton's clinical practice are supposed to make it all comprehensible. For systems-addicts only.

Pub Date: April 19th, 1982
Publisher: A&W