THE TALL AMERICAN: The Story of Gary Cooper by Richard Gehman

THE TALL AMERICAN: The Story of Gary Cooper

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Today's juvenile readers may recognize Gary Cooper, the hero of The Tall American, as the hero of some of the old movies they see on TV. But this biography for the Credo Book series by author Richard German will give them a first rate picture of the laconic screen star who won two Academy Awards for his performances in Sergeant York and High Noon. It will also dispel any ideas they might have has as to the ""easy"" life of an actor. This book traces Cooper's life from boyhood in Montana to his death from cancer in 1961. The Catholic faith, to which he was converted in 1959, was a source of comfort and strength to him. This is a short book about a big man that deserves the word -- ""Yup.

Publisher: Hawthorn