TEE CAPTAIN'S TABLE by Richard Gordon


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An impudent caper fictional but still in the wake of Doctor In The House and Doctor At Sea follows the discomfitures which attend a mild man, William Ebbs, on his transfer from a freighter to the captaincy of the passenger ship, the Charlemagne. For the many social accomplishments and demands which will be made of him in his maritime rise, Ebbs is an unworldly figure and unsteady on his sea legs-- his first dinner is the greatest ""fiasco since the Wreck of the Hesperus""; he resents the wenching of his Chief Officer on the boat deck; he is the butt of constant complaints- and the advances of a Mrs. Porteous- but there is a consoling intimacy with a Mrs. Judd. At the Captain's ball, more than the Baked Alaska falls- and the evening ends in a disastrous failure but he is able to retrieve his position- and his single status -- in time..... For that winter cruise, a highly suitable entertainment.

Publisher: Harcourt, Brace