DOCTOR IN LOVE by Richard Gordon


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Report repeated from the June 1st bulletin, when scheduled for earlier publication, as follows: ""More of that favorite medical man who has been In the House. At Sea and At Large, this offers a new series of inconsequential episodes probably as cheerful and cheeky as any in this series. (Note- new publisher.) Confined- with an undiagnosed fever- to the ward in St. Swithin's, he falls seriously in love for the first time, with a night nurse who disappears surreptitiously. Released- into general practice- he endures the ruinous innovations of his friend Grimsdyke- as well as several occupational risks, a bored wife, a too fond mother with a marriageable daughter. But the arrival of a new substitute locum, Dr. Barrington- who turns out to be a pretty girl as well- brings the professional collaboration to a personal and permanent conclusion.... A happiness pill- for the market you can easily diagnose by now.

ISBN: 184262251X
Publisher: Doubleday