DOCTOR ON TOAST by Richard Gordon


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Gaston Grimadyke, still a medecin malgre lui and an incorrigible sort, scampers through further annals of unorganized medicine and unprofessional practices. He falls in love with Basil Beauchamp's Ophelia, and to be near her, signs up as a ship's doctor for one crossing. He agrees to Boswell the life of Sir Lancelot Spratt who saved his (an appendectomy)- and gets involved with Spratt's family, and Spratt's penchant for police-work which brings a court action against him. Ophelia avoids him, and becomes his bete blonde, his censorious cousin Miles wants to send him to Greenland to become a ""Schweitzer of the snows""; and he finally learns that he has no real or further reason to be grateful to Sir Lawrence. A time-frittering but very happy affair.

Pub Date: May 12th, 1961
Publisher: Doubleday