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FRENCH CLASSICS MADE EASY by Richard Grausman Kirkus Star


A 10-Minute Soufflé, a Contemporary Bouillabaisse, a Lighter, Quicker Cassoulet--250 Great Recipes Simplified for the Modern Kitchen

by Richard Grausman

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-7611-5854-7
Publisher: Workman

Traditional French cooking reimagined for the contemporary American kitchen. 

The title of Grausman’s (At Home With French Cooking, 1988) latest might strike readers as a bit of an oxymoron—“easy” is a relative term when it comes to mastering French culinary techniques. Yet the author has tackled this often intimidating cuisine and made it much more accessible to the American cook. He draws upon his years as a teacher to understand where a novice cook’s confusion might arise, and whisks those fears away with clear, step-by-step instructions. He shares time-saving tips and amends even the most sacred French recipes to make them more palatable to today’s cooks. Grausman does not, however, compromise the integrity of the recipes. You still need fish heads for Bouillabaisse, and while he has cut back on certain health-compromising ingredients like salt, there’s still plenty of cream and butter. The author takes technique seriously, and he provides numerous instructional asides and illustrations. Dessert is not an afterthought, but rather an 86-page section of tempting recipes, including pastries. Complex without being complicated, there are plenty of meals presented that lend themselves to quick yet elegant dinners. The Chicken with Riesling is flavorful, rich and creamy, and easy enough to prepare on a busy weeknight. And then there’s the soufflé. With Grausman as a guide, anyone can produce this lighter-than-air treat. And yes, it cooks in just 10 minutes.

Classic French cuisine for everyone, from beginners to professionals.