CREATIVE VISION by Richard Guggenheimer


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Provocative and at the same time confused, this little essay- half philosophical and half aesthetic- seems to have for its main theme the necessity of personal integration through the medium of the creative arts. And of these arts, the author seems to think that those of painting and sculpture are the greatest or at least the most relevant to the modern age. His intentions, and his conclusions, are not always clear but en route he touches on many interesting problems: the modern scientific sense of time; the impact of Einstein on our thinking and seeing; modern psychology; etc. Guggenheimer feels that too many of us are frustrated and he pleads that we allow ourselves a free creative vision of the modern world. Of appeal largely to artists and intellectuals, this is not a very powerful or very clear book, but it may at least be suggestive.

Pub Date: April 12th, 1950
Publisher: Harper