THE SHOPLIFTER by Richard H. R. Smithies


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This storm in a Royal Worcester teacup follows the theft by a congenital booster of a George I pitcher from a breakfront in a local antique shop where it had been left to be sold on consignment by wealthy Mrs. Pride. What ensues, at somewhat longer length than seems necessary, is a great deal of prowling and prying by Mrs. Pride, and the Hamiltons who own the antique shop, into the lives of their clients and associates--all properly 57th Street types, artists, dealers of non-denominational sex, etc., living in this rather tony Connecticut town. Mr. Smithies obviously knows this--his (?)-- business and if your nostrils flare at the mention of a Rose Medallion or a lovely little cache-pot, you may like it but the plot (two accidents--murder--and the Prides going before a financial fall) is absurd. The fashionable, privileged blue chip to Chippendale accessories are all well observed.

Pub Date: May 20th, 1968
Publisher: Horizon Press