HOWE & HUMMEL: Their True and Scandalous History by Richard H. Revere
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HOWE & HUMMEL: Their True and Scandalous History

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No dull pedantic job, this adventure in apocryphal and raffish illegalities, that highspots fascinating legal careers --portraying New York's famous- or infamous- pair of attorneys, whose criminal practice in the late 19th century led to their reputation as the crime minds of their times. Here is the story of their ways of cheating justice, of the differences in their types of cases and ways of working of their clients and classic manipulations of legal points, of their courtroom and public behavior, of their skill in making evidence, and the exploits that made them a town byword....Amplified considerably from the New Yorker profiles, this- if one judges by the repercussions there, if of general even more than professional interest,- a recapitulation of rascality. The Mr. Tutt fans will love it.

Pub Date: Aug. 12th, 1947
Publisher: Farrar, Straus