DREADNOUGHT: The History of a Worship by Richard Hough

DREADNOUGHT: The History of a Worship

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What a thing of wicked grandeur was H.M.S. Dreadnought! When it was launched in 1907 even the Germans stopped making ships, to study its revolutionary features. This ""Edwardian ultimate deterrent"" had the propaganda effect of England reaffirming its old colonial system, of its supreme power to do as it wished. Also, the world had not seen a major naval engagement for nearly a century--but this was a new century and full of promise. Japan, Russia, and Italy had already announced their imperial intentions on the world's ocean, and Washington had two superbattle-ships under construction...Hough surveys the enormous controversy and competition these Dreadnoughts engendered everywhere; the deadly shipbuilding race; the increasingly greater-than-ever guns on board; the ships' actual performance up till Korea in 1953; famous battles; and he ends with an all-inclusive appendix of Dreadnought specifications.

Publisher: Macmillan