GERTRUDE'S CHILD by Richard Hughes


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Who in heck wants to buy children?."" asks Gertrude the wooden doll. But soon enough in this turnabout fantasy she has a little girl of her own to fuss over. . . and to mistreat and misunderstand just the way some girls do their dolls (and, though no one says so, the way some parents treat children). Gertrude lets her Annie catch cold, leaves her sitting in the bathtub and blames the child for her own neglect until Annie is carried away by a child-eating lion and Gertrude, conscience awakened at last, saves her and learns how to hurt in the process. Nicole Claveloux's gingerbread surrealism stresses the aggressive, eerie aspects of a basically very concrete mock tragedy. A moral whammy propelled along by Hughes' acid wit.

Pub Date: April 11th, 1975
Publisher: Harlin Quist--dist. by Dial/Delacorte