ROGUE WARRIOR: TASK FORCE BLUE by Richard & John Weisman Marcinko


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In their third outing, Marcinko and his roguish warriors do violent, imaginative battle with America's home-front enemies. Following retirement as a US Navy SEAL, Marcinko embarked on an active if fictive career as a handyman for the military (his vastly entertaining exploits are chronicled in such blood-and-thunder opera as Rogue Warrior: Green Team, 1995). This time around, the salty Vietnam vet and his handpicked crew are detailed to staunch the illicit flow of heavy weapons and ammunition from government arsenals. Thanks to the cyberspace talents of a young petty officer who can hack into Pentagon computers, Task Force Blue soon learns its ageless leader is the designated fall guy in a power struggle pitting would-be usurpers against constituted authority. Despite the best efforts of their establishment foes, Marcinko and his merry men track a truckload of stolen arms from Detroit to Tampa, from whence it is shipped to an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. They storm the offshore drilling platform, which is owned by billionaire L.C. Strawhouse, and learn that the rig is used to supply ordnance to disaffected militia groups and drug gangs throughout the country. Back on dry land, the seagoing irregulars also discover that the ultraconservative Strawhouse (who tries to enlist Marcinko in his mad cause) has been equipping domestic terrorists in hopes their lethal rampages might permit a reactive putsch that could put him in the White House. While by no means taken with the incumbent chief executive or his wimpy underlings, Marcinko pursues the man who would be America's king to a heavily guarded command post in the southern California desert. In a climactic confrontation inside the fortress, he exposes and foils Strawhouse's sinister plot before dispatching its architect in decidedly imaginative fashion. Another walk on the wild side with the Marcinko mob.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1996
Page count: 368pp
Publisher: Pocket