THE DREAM MAKERS: Discovering Your Breakthrough Dreams by Richard & Joseph Hart Corriere

THE DREAM MAKERS: Discovering Your Breakthrough Dreams

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I was parachuting down to a beautiful island in the South Pacific. . . . I suddenly knew that there were. . . NO LEADERS!"" Whee! ""Breakthru."" (Somebody please explain why the authors feel that the word would lose impact if it were spelled properly--except in the title.) Their point is that there is a Dream Maker (they hark back to American Indian lore for the historical equivalent) who allows us to control our dreams and derive insight from them. But forget Freud; no cloudy symbolism here. Anyone who attends one of the workshops run by these two hip California psychologists--or who reads this, which has a section entitled ""Twenty-one Days to Breakthru Dreaming--How to Make Your Dreams Work For You (And Not Against You"")--has a crack at instant, wholly reconstituted Revelation, without preservatives or additives. Not to laugh: there may be takers--lots.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1977
Publisher: Funk & Wagnalls