YOUR TRIP ABROAD by Richard Joseph


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The Travel Editor of shares the know-how of travelling which has come with experience in visiting some thirty odd countries, and an insatiable desire to keep moving. This is a fast packed guide -- of particular value to those who are new at this enticing game, and suggestive of ways to increase the pleasure and profit for those who are a bit post war rusty. Up to the minute advice on pre-travel preparations, lively style, sometimes repetitive, but than repetition brings familiarity, so is perhaps deliberate. A great deal more information about air travel than I've found in any other travel guide, and very specific data on costs on relative merits of different modes of travel, even specifically down to what lines and what ships. Following the sections devoted to preparation, come chapters covering virtually every accessible tourist country in Europe, Central and South America, and in Bermuda, the West Indies and the Hawaiian Islands as well.

Pub Date: April 20th, 1950
Publisher: Doubleday