A CIRCLE OF SAND by Richard Karlan


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Stock plot, stock reactions, right down the line. Film goddess chews up bullfighter like an anchovie on a saltine. Who started this? Blasco Ibanez! in Blood and Sand. Luis Cortez now retired for three years, is 31 and Spain's leading idol, the rival of Manolete, Joselito, Belmonte. Before he married he was the lover of an American actress with an Ava-like Southern accent. Now she has returned to Madrid to make a new flick and Luis' groin is reacting like a barometer of the plot. Meanwhile, he is being blackmailed because his brother is a homosexual. Also, he is buying a ranch for breeding brave bulls. His wife is my unsatisfied physically, because Luis is distracted and bored. When a rival torero becomes the filmstar's stud, Luis comes out of retirement and fights the new lover mano a mano in a fatal corrida. Who started all this? -- Prosper Merimee! in Carmen. Familiarity breeds banality.

Pub Date: April 29th, 1966
Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill