CRAZY IN LOVE by Richard Kennedy


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An amusing tale about a young woman, Diana, who lives alone but wants company. An enchanted lady promises her a husband but in return Diana must visit the lady in the woods every day. The husband soon comes along--but, curious about his wife's daily walks into the woods, he follows her and, being blind to the enchantment, sees her talking to a donkey. The husband's concern for his ""crazy' wife involves him with an enchanted man, whom Diana sees only as a squirrel. ""Oh, my poor crazy husband,"" she frets, echoing his plaint. As will happen, each partner's worry about the other's madness only seems to confirm the mate's diagnosis--but at last the lady's enchantment ends and both spouses return to normal. Kennedy's stories can be haunting or drippy; this is one of his less ambitious undertakings, worth trying for the fun of it.

Pub Date: Oct. 24th, 1981
Publisher: Unicorn/Dutton