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AIDS education for middle-grade children which is so general and vague that young readers may not glean enough information to safeguard themselves. In addition, the author's tone may well offend homosexuals, blacks, Hispanics and the poor. The young reader in search of accurate, timely, nonjudgmental information will be better served by Silverstein's AIDS: Deadly Threat. Hyde cautions, ""Some groups of people behave in ways that expose others to AIDS,"" and writes, ""AIDS seems to be spread by behavior that is unacceptable to many people. . .Many people have strong negative feelings about [homosexuals] and may call them names such as 'faggot,' 'queer,' or 'fairy'."" True perhaps, but not very useful. In another section, Hyde relates: ""In 1987 more than 70 percent of the cases of women with AIDS occurred among blacks and Hispanics. There are more poor people and intravenous drug users. . .in these groups than in the general population. . .Stopping the spread of AIDS among people who care more about getting food and/or drugs each day than about their future health is very difficult."" Drawings of children and parents looking concerned, thoughtful, and sad add little. Suggestions for further reading are dated and list only one title (also by Hyde!) on the topic of AIDS.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1987
Page count: 80pp
Publisher: Walker