THE DARK PRINCESS by Richard Kennedy


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Kennedy's previous tales have had an ear-pleasing oral ring, and even a sad one like Oliver Hyde's Dischcloth Concert had a touch of humor and a bittersweet oddity that lingered. This ultra-romantic story of true love is treated to no such happy modulation. It concerns a princess so beautiful that anyone who looked at her directly would go blind--""And another thing. The Princess herself was totally blind."" The princess stops believing in love when none of the princes who court her (they can gaze at her safely through a colored glass) are willing to lose their sight for her sake; also she realizes that if one were, she would have no similar gift to offer in return. But if no prince will make the sacrifice, the court fool restores her faith; she finds a way to reciprocate; and the two die happy in their moment of commitment. With Donna Diamond's hushed mood music dictating a breathless response, this will touch only those who want very much to believe in ethereal romantic ideals.

Pub Date: Sept. 25th, 1978
Publisher: Holiday House