THE PORCELAIN MAN by Richard Kennedy


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In a likely fantasy with the concision and psychological heft of a folk tale, a junk dealer finds a smashed porcelain vase and brings home the pieces for his cooped-up, overworked daughter to put together. Strangely, the reassembled pot takes the form of a man who embraces the girl and declares his love--whereupon the father, true to type, smashes it again. Glued back once more the vase becomes a horse on which the girl rides off. It too breaks, but a nice young passer-by stops to comfort her. . . and in its final incarnation the porcelain is a set of dishes for the happy couple. Marcia Sewall's pleasantly homely heroine makes the wishing all the more believable, and the fulfillment gratifying.

Pub Date: May 20th, 1976
Publisher: Atlantic/little, Brown