PLAY ACTIVITIES FOR BOYS AND GIRLS: A Guide for Teachers, Parents and Retion Leaders by Richard Kraus

PLAY ACTIVITIES FOR BOYS AND GIRLS: A Guide for Teachers, Parents and Retion Leaders

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Of interest primarily to the professional educational leader or recreational director, concerning play activities for children in groups and the creative development of the child as a person, this book has been written by Richard Kraus, associate professor, department of Health Education, Physical Education and Recreation, Columbia University. Based on sound educational philosophy with a concept of the child as a whole person, the book gives practical suggestions on better group leadership, and instructions for games of chase, relays, ball games, stunts, party games and mixers, quizzes and puzzles. The author discusses briefly hobby activities, play at home and at camp and suitable activities for the physically handicapped. The sections devoted to creative activities are very enlightening. The approach to arts and crafts activities fosters non-dictated, entirely spontaneous expression in the John Dewey and Viktor, Lowenfeld tradition, while the tips on motivation for forms of dramatic play should be of interest to many classroom teachers and youth leaders. Play activities for the whole family are briefly covered, as well as a cursory coverage of nature study, homemaking, gardening and pet care. The author stresses the necessity for education toward constructive use of leisure time. Comprehensive treatment by a competent authority, which complements but rarely overlaps the Hartley-Goldenson Children's Play (see P. 172) the audience of which would be largely mothers.

Pub Date: July 1st, 1957
Publisher: McGraw-Hill