ADVENTURES IN POLITICS by Richard L. Neuberger


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The youthful and energetic team of Oregon State Legislators, Richard and his wife Maurine Neuberger, issue an appealing and well-outlined call to new and practical interest in government at the state level. From his own experiences, Mr. Neuberger tells why State governments are too weak for the important burdens they must carry, and he gives a simple list of instructions to the many whom he urges to join in as he and his wife have tried to do. Some state budgets handle moneys from natural wealth in the high six figure columns and yet state legislators are paid so little that too many of them double as representatives in private life of the biggest interests in the states. Another penalty of low salaries is that younger members of the community fear they cannot afford the political life. Many states suffer from one-party government with no checks. Most states are afflicted by the national disease of citizen-recoil from politics as ""dirty""; in many areas public and business pressure frightens would-be politicians from stating their honest views. Mr. Neuberger writes a fine chapter on how a husband had to face a successful wife in politics. And as a Democrat he confesses a new respect for the old-fashioned economic conservatives who have shown the greatest courage in fighting encroaching thought-control in our day. A clear and lively book, with a lot of helpful information on how to get in and stay in politics -- it makes you want to throw your hat right into the ring -- and also a warming story of a happy partnership marriage.

Pub Date: Sept. 30th, 1954
Publisher: Oxford University Press