INVASION JOURNAL by Richard L. Tobin


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One invasion book preceded this -- Wertenbaker's admirable Invasion (Appletor Century). The Hule book is expected to be the official Navy book. This book covers a wider reach -- is a personal story from the takeoff for England to the approach to Paris, where the Wertenbaker book is devoted in large part to groundwork on the tactical and strategic preparations, and a closeup of personalities at the helm. Tobin's book is a highly personal record. He writes of London -- of England -- on the eve of invasion; he goes into the psychological effects as well as the physical effects of the robot bombs. He discusses the food (claiming it has always been so bad that it isn't very different). He views the invasion picture from the English shore -- while waiting for a chance to get over and see for himself. There is throughout more human interest material -- in somewhat the Ernie Pyle sense, but one does not feel that his grasp of the invasion as part of a larger campaign is an important factor in the book.

ISBN: 1406720305
Publisher: Dutton