THE PARK by Richard Lewis


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The photographer of The Wind and the Rain is off on a ""path to the park"" in a pregnant progression of images poetically captioned by Richard Lewis. The setting is New York's Central Park but the ""Secrets told to still water,/ heard by a summer sky,/ echo everywhere."" Italics ours, to stress the university of the experience of the seasons encapsulated in pictures and text, sometimes in a single photo that needs no words. Whether small children will respond as immediately as adults is doubtful, and some of this is not only unutterable, it's downright embarrassing to utter aloud. (For autumn trees: ""What rainbow shed its colors in the morning air?."") But the photographs in sequence and separately are memorable, and you might want to have it around just for browsing.

Pub Date: Oct. 17th, 1968
Publisher: Simon & Schuster