THE END OF THE RUG by Richard Llewellyn


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This features Edmund Trothe, fiftyish and involved in a coltish crush over one Tanis, young enough to be his daughter (grand?). Edmund has also been a dagger man for the British secret service and here we find his present crumbling as his past catches up. His wife (understandably) first betrays him, then leaves him, then dies. There is a certain poetic justice in his daughter's marriage to a much older man, a black man. Son Frederick has turned to deceit and drugs. The seemingly happenstance circumstances become ominous when it is discovered that Edmund is on the most wanted list of a group of German reactionaries, out to cut down the men who killed their Nazi fathers. A long range plan is involved and so are Tanis and Edmund's wife's brother-in-law. Edmund is forcedto go back to Germany, in disguise, and ferret out the identities of the terrorist organization. . . . Interminable conversations and commentaries--so far from How Green Was My Valley.

Pub Date: July 26th, 1968
Publisher: Doubleday