A COAT FOR THE TSAR by Richard M. Elman


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This has the shape of a short story- in length, in focus, in impact. No more. One wonders why it is being given the importance of a novells in form, with line drawings by Bubi Jesson. Unless to introduce a new talent, for Richard Elman has packed a good deal of emotional quality into this story of a man, haunted with the need to confess to his people in the ghetto of Brest-Litovsk that he had profited by the gold of the Tsar in exchange for the pogrom that had taken his father's life. But that that pogrom had left him the sole survivor he learns only after deserting from the army after the defeat at Port Arthur in 1905 and beating it across country back to Brest-Litovsk there to make his confession. The need to confess leads him right into the power of another man- who sees giving him up as simply a means to another business deal- a life for a bag of gold.

Pub Date: Sept. 21st, 1958
Publisher: Univ. of Texas