JUBILEE: One Hundred Years of the Atlantic by
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JUBILEE: One Hundred Years of the Atlantic

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This is much more than a treasury of pieces from the Atlantic during its first century. It is a mirror held up to the history of our nation, our people, their interests, their tastes, their thinking. It is evidence that freedom to speak is surely at the heart of our periodical press. 1200 issues have been combed, and as the material has been selected the arrangement proved its wisdom. The orthodox was never the Atlantic's creed. So this anthology is divided by areas of historical interest- spanning the 100 years (Our Nation Indivisible) or concentrating on a period, viewed as events unfolded or as perspective developed (The West- The Civil War- World Wars). Division too along mores and issues (Love in America, The City, The Shape of Things to Come, The Dignity of Man, A Divided World). Philosophy, (The Inward Life, Quest of Faith); Portraits; Fiction (the Atlantic Firsts make one pause and wonder-who next?); The Poets; The Creative Process (as artists analyze their own processes). Call the roster of America's literary greats and you'll find a great majority represented here. Through Mr. Weeks pertinent introductory notes you follow the history, the changing pattern of our literary output, the reasons for selection-and omission. It is a major publishing achievement -- and bears witness to what the Atlantic has meant in our national life.

Pub Date: Oct. 28th, 1957
Publisher: Little, Brown (AMP)