AMERLOQUE by Richard Miller


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Life is a frenzy followed by death,"" proclaims Karen, a six foot blonde Norwegian Amazon, which aptly describes this novel, winner of our private Petronius Golden Satyr Award 1965. It's a swinging sex action-satire of consistent high madness. The background is Casablanca on the eve of the Algerian war where Fred Kearney, now with the Air Force, falls in love with Karen but shares her with his best friend. They have achieved a kind of thermosexual triangle. Karen keeps baiting Fred until he finally becomes a man of action --mugging cops and Arabs, chewing hashish dates, running sniperscopes and brawling in the Bousbir. The Bousbir is a walled compound within Casablanca which houses prostitutes, degenerates and addicts of all ages and sexes; a high camp Casbah. As for the book-- it's comic rumble for adult-adolescents.

Pub Date: Jan. 27th, 1965
Publisher: Crown