BLUEPRINT FOR PEACE by Richard N.- Ed. Gardner


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The result of a White House Conference on International Cooperation held from Nov. 29 to Dec. 1, 1965, involving some 5,000 persons and 220 private organizations, this book contains proposals on fifteen major subjects, ranging from ""Curbing the Arms Race"" to ""Strengthening International Finance"" and ""'Doing Something' About the Weather."" President Johnson called the conference ""a town meeting of the leaders of this nation,"" and Vice President Humphrey, who was its chairman, commends the book ""to men and women around the world who seek a design for living in the atomic ages."" One might well marvel that thirty committees managed to form themselves and produce thirty reports in the space of three days, and still more that so many of their recommendations bear the freshness of conviction and concern. Professor Gardner has done an impressive job of editing the reports, and his own extended introduction provides much necessary background to the structuring of the event and the general climate of ideas within it.

Publisher: McGraw-Hill