IRAN: Key to the Middle East by Richard N. Frye

IRAN: Key to the Middle East

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Recognition of Iran's importance to the West in its strategical site and its oil has been growing since 1798, and Mr. Frye's concise description of this country is timely and within the compass of every reader. He summarizes Iran as it is today in natural and cultural resources; he sketches Iran's tumultuous past with the stream of invaders who modified but never undermined her spirit; he follows the modern history involving Iran with the great powers seeking her oil and her seaports, points out her stand during and following the last war. A bibliography for further reading and appendices on statistics of land and people, the Constitution, the Teheran Declaration. Reliable in the information it holds, this book provides an unpretentious survey of a fascinating country, and manages to cover a great deal of material with little fuss.

Publisher: Henry Holt