DARK OF NIGHT by Richard Nehrbass


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What begins as another find-the-daughter case for Vie Eton (A Perfect Death for Hollywood, 1991) turns darker and more baffling when the missing girl's father, big-time independent producer Mackenzie Gordon, is killed by a car bomb, and when Vic finds the must-have storyboards his retarded 14-year-old daughter Laurie's supposed to have run off with locked in Gordon's safe. It wasn't the storyboards that Gordon needed hack so desperately, then, but a documentary videotape of his latest amatory adventures with standins for his wife, legendary child-star Catherine Wilbourne--prime blackmail material for sleazy publisher Howie Wiltz, or just about anybody else who can find Laurie before Vic. More range and depth than Vic's first outing, though the Hollywood love/hate (""I couldn't believe...that this was all life had held for her,"" etc.) is still piled on a bit thick.

Pub Date: Nov. 18th, 1992
Page count: 208pp
Publisher: HarperCollins