NO MORE BUGLES IN THE SKY by Richard Newhafer


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This adventure novel attempts to do in reverse for U.S. airmen in Vietnam what The Bridges of Toko-Ri, in which Michener condemned the war, did for pilots in Korea. The theme here is the need for escalation of air activity and the need to strike into Laos and North Vietnam to prevent a presumably fictional invasion by the Red Chinese. The big bogey is the political containment of the war to South Vietnam and even though the author is serious enough about it, the treatment is incredible. Straight out of John Wayne flicks comes Dan Belden, and with him are his aging flying cronies. Their job is to secretly run civilian air strikes into forbidden territory and provoke the Red Chinese into violating South Vietnamese territory. The plot has been engineered by Belden's old World War II admiral, now head of the CIA, and he is in cahoots with the President...!.... At the end our hero aborts the Red Chinese invasion and with one friend flies singlehandedly off to attack the Chinese air force of 350 planes...!.... It is all abysmally adolescent.

Publisher: New American Library