THE GOLDEN JUNGLE by Richard Newhafer


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This is not the worst book of its kind which only gives it a modest headstart. It features an active scenario, nondescript writing and non-existent characters. Among them, primarily, one Matt Keane, who lived like a loner and is about to die like a hero in Cuba, here reviewing his life during the four hours before his execution: as a freelance flier in Korea, North Vietnam, and now on the Miami-Havana circuit; and as a congenital freewheeler with Ellen and others until he really falls in love with Cuban Maria. Things however go from bed to worse after he is believed guilty of having contributed to the death of Ellen's daughter (a most compromising position--he's on top of her corpse). One can only think that this is paperbacked up.

Pub Date: Jan. 15th, 1967
Publisher: New American Library